Counter IED

Hyperion Defence Solutions understands the importance of delivering effective Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) solutions to our clients across defence and civilian public safety agencies. We are committed to the protection of Explosive Ordnance (EO) operators, the security and civil defence organisations they assist, and the civilian population as a whole by providing our clients with the capability they need to defeat any IED system(s) they face. 

Hyperion provides our customers with an offering which may vary from a fully integrated C-IED solution to the delivery of bespoke elements tailored to fit a specific requirement.  Using the NATO Allied Joint Doctrine for Countering Improvised Explosive Devices as the framework, our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) – who have decades of Counter EO experience in operational theatres such as Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan – will work alongside you to fully understand the situation and advise you on the equipment, procedures, training, and doctrine that should make up your C-IED solution.  

C-IED Activities


Prepare the Force

Preparing the force comprises all the measures required to enable friendly forces to accomplish their mission under a permanent IED threat. Hyperion Defence Solutions can support our clients in all aspects of force preparation which includes the process of manning, equipping, training, and educating as required.

Needs Analysis: Our team of SMEs will support you by conducting a needs analysis of your current C-IED system against the most suitable capability integration principles (i.e. UK DLOD, US JCIDS or Australian FICs) based on a detailed understanding of the operating environment and associated threat. The output of this service will be a series of recommendations that, if followed, will ensure you have a C-IED system in place that meets your specific needs. It will also provide you with a change plan to get you from your current situation to the desired end state which, if required, Hyperion can assist you in executing.

Equipment and Training/Education: Hyperion Defence Solutions provides market leading equipment and training solutions independently and in collaboration with our network of partners. Our clients can be confident that we only offer products and services that have been delivered, endorsed, or used by EO operators in some of the most demanding and high-pressure operational environments in the world over the last two decades. Our training and equipment solutions cover all C-IED functions, Understanding and Intelligence, Attacking the Network and Defeating the Device.

Understanding and Intelligence

Understanding and Intelligence underpins and informs the activities that make up the C-IED approach. A comprehensive understanding of the operating environment and up to date, reliable intelligence allows the adversary threat network to be attacked, effective force protection measures to be put in place and IEDs to be defeated once detected. It also allows tactics, techniques, and procedures to be trained that match a specific threat for a particular situation.

Hyperion Defence Solutions provide several services that assist our clients in understanding their C-IED operating environment:

  • RCIED Threat Profile
  • Threat Analysis and Reporting
  • Global Threat and Risk Analysis
  • Open-Source Intelligence Collection, Analysis and Reporting.

Defeat the Device

This activity aims to detect, neutralise, and mitigate IEDs and IED events’ effects. Its purpose is to deliver the freedom to operate towards the aims of the mission commander, to protect the population, to provide physical security to our own forces and to enable exploitation. Hyperion Defence Solutions provides a range of products and training courses that support our clients in developing enablers for defeating the device.

We provide the following courses as well as bespoke training on request to meet the specific needs of our clients:

  • Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD)
  • Underwater Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • Manual Neutralisation Techniques
  • Home Made Explosives
  • Sabotage Demolitions
  • Working in Confined Spaces
  • Rope Rescue Operator (Rescue 3 Europe Certified)


We have access to a range of products to support our clients in establishing or improving their capability to defeat the device (see the products section of the website or more details):

Attack the Network

A network is an interconnected human and/or material node that may be identified, isolated, or engaged. The capabilities of an IED system are carried out by networks, which include all the persons involved, the links and relations between them and their resources. Attacking these networks involves isolating the component parts and effectively engaging them.

Hyperion Defence Solutions offers the following products for attacking adversary IED networks:

  • IMSE Scanner

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