Security Risk Management

Security Risk Management

Our Security Risk Management team specialises in the review, development, and implementation of security risk management strategies, programmes, and capabilities. We support you with bespoke consulting services which match your business needs

Regardless of your business size or sector, our team can help you assess your organisation and provide strategic direction and support needed to advance your security risk management programme.



We will work with you to establish the vision of your programme and deliver a plan that will support its establishment as well as manage business change through optimisation and transformation.

Governance and Organisational Design

We identify the framework, policy, standards, and guidelines required to formalise your organisation’s security programme and recommend a supporting structure, staffing, and operating model to ensure security practices are consistently applied throughout the business.

Capability Studies

Through targeted assessments our team will identify operational gaps in your organisation’s existing security functions and make recommendations to close them.

Future Proofing

Keeping one eye on the future, any assessment we conduct will recommend the resources and actions necessary for advancing the capabilities of your organisation to meet the needs of your business and keep it ahead of the curve.

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