Joint Close Air Support

Joint Close Air Support Programme Delivery

Having established the world’s first integrated Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) and Joint Fires Observer (JFO) schoolhouse to be accredited by the US led Joint Fires Support Executive Steering Committee (JFS ESC) our expert team have an unparalleled understanding of what it takes to setup, maintain, and enhance a nation’s JCAS capability across all Defence Lines of Development (DLOD). As such we offer a bespoke programme solution tailored to meet the needs of our clients in any or all of the following areas:

National Policy Development

The foundation of any JCAS programme is a policy that clearly outlines the governance, training, ongoing qualification, and operational readiness requirements linked to national concepts and doctrine supported by unit SOPs. We can:

  • Imbed staff to advise and assist the chain of command at the operational or strategic level on Joint Fires policy development.
  • Provide cross DLOD advice and support to the host nation in drafting Joint Fires Doctrine and JCAS National Policy.
  • Support the host nation in drafting their JCAS Concept of Employment, CAS Doctrine and JCAS TTPs/SOPs.
  • Conduct a Job and/or Training Needs Analysis to identify the specific training requirement of the host nation across all JCAS roles.

Instructional Design and Delivery

Our training development experts and world class instructors will develop a tailor-made solution that meets the specific individual, collective and pre-deployment training needs of the nation in question. We can:
  • Develop a bespoke, blended training solution that meets the host nation’s specific requirements within any constraints (i.e. physical space, resources, time and finance).
  • Provide an English language proficiency assessment (speaking, listening, reading and writing) to inform the host nation’s selection process for potential JTACs and JFOs.
  • Deliver a contextualised English language programme to ensure the host nation achieves any mandated English proficiency requirements.
  • Provide a JCAS skills aptitude test (to include dyslexia/dyspraxia and basic skills) to assist in the host nation’s screening process by highlighting those individuals who have the best chance of success on a JCAS training programme.
  • Hire, train and manage a highly qualified JTAC, JFO and/or FAC(A) Instructor Cadre to deliver the approved host nation’s JCAS training programme.

Simulation Support

A core component of all JCAS programmes is an accredited simulation solution that supports the delivery of cost effective and realistic training. Hyperion Defence Solutions are a provider of world class JTAC accredited simulation systems.


In collaboration with reputable suppliers, Hyperion Defence Solutions can provide supporting equipment (i.e. imagers, Infra-Red pointers, range finders, designators and situational awareness toolkits) to meet the requirements of individual nations and the JFS ESC. Moreover, we can provide emulated form, fit, function equipment into simulation systems, guaranteeing optimal training solutions in the simulated environment.

Additional Services

  • JTAC and JFO Screening Solution
  • Local Instructor Development Cadre
  • Training Management System
  • Close Air Support Aircrew Instructor Cadre
  • Air Weapons Range Safety Officer Training Solution
  • Digital JTAC and JFO Tracker

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